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Hills to Home

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  • When you register through the QR code or link listed here, you are continuously supporting LPHC while getting the convenience of home delivery, hassle-free prescription issues for Prescription diet items, or ordering the wrong product!
  • The team can help get you registered and set up with the right nutritional or therapeutic plan, feeding amounts, and frequency as recommended by Dr. Litfin, which includes dry food, can food, and treats!
  • We can also help you set up your auto-ship subscription and shipment frequency rate, as well as make changes to it if needed.
  • When you self-register, you will not be able to order prescription diets until the therapeutic plan is set up with our staff.  Once we receive notification of account registration, we can add the therapeutic plan to the correct pet, and you can start ordering!

Benefits of Hill’s to Home:

  • Free shipping and auto-ship discounts are available through Hill’s. (see Hills to Home website for details regarding shipping and discount rates)
  • The convenience of home delivery with subscription services.
  • Easy-to-use ordering through a mobile-friendly website.
  • Prices are compatible with other leading online purchasing locations.
  • 100% product guarantee through Hill’s (if your pet doesn’t like the food or won’t eat it, simply request a return for your money-back).