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Dental Cleanings

The oral health of your pet is more important than you acknowledge.

Pet teeth cleaning

Dental Cleanings

When rough tartar builds up on tooth surfaces and touches the gumline, it’s time for a professional oral examination, treatment, and prevention visit.

Do not disregard your pet’s bad breath! Dental hygiene is frequently the source of stinky breath in pets, and it may indicate other serious health issues. We understand how easy it is to overlook something. Many of the problems caused by poor hygiene occur below your pet’s gumline, where you can’t see them.

Home care is always the first line of defense. However, while some animals (particularly dogs) tolerate their owners handling their mouths and brushing their teeth, the majority (particularly cats) struggle or act out. That can always make oral care difficult, if not ineffective.

Regular cleanings at our office are the best way to ensure your pet’s oral health. Discuss with your vet how frequently you should come in, as well as a home hygiene regimen. This will also prevent dental problems from progressing to larger (and potentially fatal) internal issues, such as heart, kidney, liver, or lung dysfunction or disease.